Pedro Hidalgo, expert in olive oil production and located in Cordoba and Jaen, the two main producing provinces in the world, offers us Hedoné, a selection of the best extra virgin olive oils and a world of combinations between the liquid gold and the flavours of the Mediterranean and the most exotic spices.
As an expert in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pedro Hidalgo, the soul of Hedoné, has specialized in producing an extra virgin of the author: more fruity, green, fresh and healthy than a conventional one. This is thanks to the fact that our oils are obtained from the EARLY HARVEST, when the fruit has all its qualities intact and expresses all its virtues to us in their fullness. This EARLY HARVEST makes us obtain less oil, less yield, but of an exceptional quality. We will obtain a green liquid gold, concentrated in antioxidants and full of nuances. The sensory selection of the different varieties of olives allows us to achieve a perfect integration of flavours, aromas and sensations that transport us to the memory of a whole tradition.

HEDONÉ is a collective creation of the olive tree, the sun, the earth, the farmers and our technicians who select and unite all the pieces to achieve harmony and excellence, to offer a unique sensory experience in every drop of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils.