Everything is born from our extra virgin olive oils of Early Harvest, made between the months of October and November and taking the utmost care during all the processes: harvesting, transport, milling and storage.
We obtain small batches of each variety (hojiblanca, picuda, arbequina and picual), thus, each oil has a unique expression, fruit of the search for excellence. Afterwards, we carry out the coupages, by means of which we enhance and complete the definitive personality of each of the HEDONÉ extra virgin olive oils.
From them, and fruit of a close collaboration with different chefs, we elaborate and produce oils infused with aromatic herbs and spices, giving rise to perfect flavor combinations for their use in cooking. Each recipe is handmade in small quantities, cold macerated in special tanks, investing the necessary time so that the properties of the oil are not altered and the aromas of the herbs and spices are released naturally, slowly.

After maceration, the oil is filtered and preserved without impurities in an elegant, opaque, sealed bottle. This helps to preserve it and enhances the surprise effect when uncovering it and receiving its deep aroma.

High quality extra virgin olive oil, naturally cultivated herbs and the most versatile Mediterranean spices are the simple but inimitable raw materials that Pedro Hidalgo uses for the preparation of each recipe, aimed at connoisseurs and all lovers of gastronomy who wish to delve deeper into the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.