Our Oils

Totally natural, without hydrogenated or trans fats, gluten-free, GMO-free, produced in a plant free of peanuts and other nuts, free of traces or remains of fish or shellfish.


Hojiblanca y picuda
Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil of very limited production elaborated with Hojiblanca and Picuda olives, an oil for connoisseurs that presents a sweet entrance in mouth and the aromatic intensity of the sharp olive, with flavor of green fruit and notes of green apple and olive leaves. The olive Hojiblanca gives it aromas of freshly cut grass, aromatic plants and a slight spicy finish, very typical of this olive.


Picual y Arbequina
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for lovers of the natural and very limited production that harmonizes the complexity and intensity of the Picual with the floral aromas and velvety texture of the Arbequina. The elaboration of our ecological oil Hedoné Picual and Arbequina is based on four premises: respect for the environment, production using artisan methods, faithful reflection of the landscape in which it is born and use of the best available technology to achieve the above objectives.



Warm, incisive and exotic, the ginger root comes from the East, it impregnated many of the gastronomic creations of Ancient Rome and now it is reborn thanks to the new cuisine. Ginger contains gingerols that give it a spicy and refreshing taste. The sweet and citrus aroma of the plant is perfectly integrated with the aromas and flavours of the extra virgin olive oil specially selected for this recipe. This oil is a healthy substitute for vegetable fat in Asian cuisine. Perfect for raw broccoli dressings, soy sauce, pumpkin and carrots. Complements perfectly with roast, vegetables and sautéed. Your secret ingredient when lightly sprinkled on steamed fish, white meat or chicken or shrimp salads.


Intense and spicy aroma typical of star anise with hints of liquorice. The subtle taste of vanilla adds a touch of seductive sweetness to the natural flavors of extra virgin olive oil. Intense, well-balanced, enveloping notes with fresh green notes of our extra virgin olive oil specially selected for this recipe. Suitable for dressing tomatoes and preparing sauces, accompanying stewed or grilled meat and all types of baked goods. It can be used as a healthy alternative to butter in desserts and cakes.


Initial aromas of fresh coriander and long finish of freshly cut chili with an intense peppery aroma that can only be achieved by cold maceration of coriander and fresh chili peppers in our extra virgin olive oil. The taste of the chili is bright and not too spicy. The Egyptians called coriander "the spice of happiness" and attributed it aphrodisiac qualities. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and in Saudi Arabia its seeds are used in infusion to treat diabetes. It has a high content of antioxidants, antispasmodic, stomach and stimulant properties, facilitates digestion and tones the nervous system. Accompanies any Mexican dish, such as guacamole, chicken fajitas or octopus ceviche. It brings a fresh flavor to dishes from around the world, including Thai, Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, North African, and Latin American cuisine.


This recipe combines the fruity character of early harvest olives with the citrus, fragrant and delicate notes of lime. Your secret ingredient. Grilled meats are a guaranteed success. It goes well with fish and vegetables. Perfect for adding a tropical or exotic touch to your dishes. You can also make a perfect vinaigrette with balsamic vinegar and honey.


Fresh basil and sun-dried tomatoes. The power of extra virgin olive oil associated with the freshness of basil and the aroma and texture of sun-dried tomatoes in Andalusia. No chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no tricks. Moments before the preparation of this recipe, we cut fresh basil and macerate it cold with sun-dried tomatoes, investing the necessary time so that the properties of the oil are not altered and the aromas of basil and tomatoes are released naturally, slowly. The result is an extremely fresh, chlorophyllin and aromatic oil that accompanies and enhances pasta, risottos, white fish, feta cheese, mozzarella, prawns, strawberries and, of course, tomatoes and salads. Try it also simply on toast with a little salt.


The most delicate and subtle essences, our most enveloping oils made with NATURAL AROMAS, without chemical petrol derivatives . Combined with our delicate organic Hedoné, it provides us with the perfect oil for turning a risotto, pasta, pizza, turning a simple fried egg or omelette into an haute cuisine dish.